Friday, 16 November 2012


Several things are necessary to make a PC into a Multimedia class of PC:
1) At least an 80386DX CPU, preferably an 80486DX CPU. 

2) An SVGA class video card, usually a high-performance card;

3) A CD-ROM drive, at least a double-speed drive that is XA-ready, Kodak Photo CD ready, and has at least a 300KBsustained data transfer rate;

4) A sound card of some kind, one that is Sound Blaster/AdLib compatible (I STRONGLY recommend a true Creative Labs Sound Blaster card - no clones);

5) Windows 3.1, OS/2, Windows NT, or some operating system/environment that will access and use CD-ROM drives and configure for sound cards.

6) In a DOS environment, you must load the DOS program MSCDEX.EXE, which enables MS-DOS to utilize a CD-ROM.

7) In a DOS environment, you must load a driver program for your sound card so that it will work with DOS. Some sound cards have drivers that work EXCLUSIVELY with Windows, and NOT in DOS.

8) A mouse, to make the graphical environment of Windows or OS/2 easier to use.


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